Original Art by Michael Tickner

Limited Edition Archival Paper Prints

These Michael Tickner limited edition archival prints on paper are a series of the artist's favorite scenes, printed in Canada at his Lions Bay studio. These high quality reproductions are printed with Archival inks, on heavyweight, acid free paper and are sure to last generations. Each print is authenticated with the embossed chop of Michael Tickner's floating bear, then hand signed, titled and numbered by the artist.

Safe Haven
Singing In The Lane
Bike Lane
Riding The Crest
Hail To The Chief
Heading Home
Heading Home by Michael Tickner
Gathered At The Beach
Gathered At The Beach by Michael Tickner
Overlooking The Beach
Overlooking The Beach by Michael Tickner
River Dancers
River Dancers by Michael Tickner
A Catch For The Dreamers
A Catch For The Dreamers by Michael Tickner
Early Season Lovers
A Course Of Events
Two Points Of View
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