Original Art by Michael Tickner

COLOURS OF A SOUND - This image is half of a diptych. It is a scene in Howe Sound, looking out at Gambier Island with Christy Islet in the foreground. This piece can be purchased individually, or as a pair. It is a limited edition archival print on canvas in an edition of 200.

12" x 16", Unframed $399.00, Framed $549.00 and up
20" x 24", Unframed $1,099.00, Framed $1,319.00 and up
30" x 37 1/2", Unframed $1,899.00, Framed $2,149.00 and up

10% off regular price if both images in the diptych are purchased.

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Colours of a Sound by Michael Tickner
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