Original Art by Michael Tickner

THE SUN, THE MOON AND THE STAR - This limited edition archival print by Michael Tickner is an image of the old Sun Tower Building in Vancouver, peeking out from the end of an alley. This is one of Michael Tickner's more "artsy" pieces, a variation from the norm. Note how he uses the power lines to draw your eye into the scene. The edition is of 200. Each piece is hand signed and titled by Michael Tickner and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

12" x 16", Unframed $399.00, Framed $549.00 and up
20" x 24", Unframed $1,099.00, Framed $1,319.00 and up
30" x 37 1/2", Unframed $1,899.00, Framed $2,149.00 and up

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The sun, the Moon, and the Star by Michael Tickner
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