Original Art by Micheal Tickner


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Celebrating 30 years of this unique style of painting by

This new image "DEPARTURE TO THE HARBOUR", Nanaimo, BC is a hand-signed, archival, numbered paper print, celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the date when Michael started this unique style of painting. The first painting he did was very primitive with a little teddy bear flying a kite and as you can see, he has certainly developed the style over the past 30 years.

The definition of "primitive" art is blocks of colour surrounded by lines, and it is very two dimensional. Michael Tickner has taken this style and created a uniqueness by adding depth and perspective. The one thing that has not changed since he started this style is the colour palette that he uses. The bright colours have a high energy and are uplifting to live with. This is very important to Michael that his paintings make people feel good, and that is why he has always used the same bright colours.

Both sizes of this Nanaimo Harbour numbered print will be available for 50% off for ten days only from July 19th to July 29th on Island Daily Deals. Take advantage of this opportunity.

Dancing with Doris

Welcome to MICHAEL TICKNER'S Website. He is excited to be in his new studio in Nanaimo. Michael's new studio is open by appointment. You are welcome to come and see him in his working studio by phoning 250-714-6348. We are pleased to make arrangements to pick you up from the ferry to bring you to the studio if you are on the Mainland and want to walk onto the ferry. We felt it appropriate to put up this photo of Michael with the orca whale that ended up in a park on the waterfront at Port Hardy on northern Vancouver Island. Michael and his wife Alice, love Vancouver Island and we look forward to sharing Michael's art with you.

Welcome to the world of Artist Michael Tickner

Michael Tickner was born in London, England in 1947. His artwork was first exhibited in a group show at the Passmore Art Gallery when he was eight years old. He was accepted into the prestigious London School Of Art after graduating with honours from High School. Since 1973, Michael has dedicated his life to his art, including a period of paintings done with palette knife and ink washes, and fine detailed pen and ink drawings.

In 1987 he started a new style of artwork, which is making him well-known and collected internationally. Based on a primitive style, Michael has taken "primitive" a step farther and added depth and perspective, which some call contemporary/primitive. These paintings with their bright colours, are very uplifting to live with and that legacy is important to the artist. An investment in Michael Tickner's art is a win in all ways.

Above: "THE MOUNTAINS WATCH THE CITY RISE" by Michael Tickner - Michael's new 25th year celebration print; Left: Artist Michael Tickner

Shown on television with Vicki Gabereau, a Shaw Cable Feature and a Global Feature, Michael has also completed an eight foot by four foot letter "M", as shown above, which was used in the phrase by Shaw Cable, "Together Is Amazing".

The Vancouver Olympic Bid Committee, used Michael Tickner's two images, The Best of Whistler and The Best Of Vancouver, around Jack Poole and John Furlong's final letter to the IOC Members when going for the 2010 Olympic Bid. Michael was not able to go to Prague for the presentation but his son, Richard Tickner was present, as well as many people acquainted with Michael.

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